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This website is a free and interactive textbook.  It will teach you everything you need to know about reading, writing, and critical thinking.  This book utilizes cutting-edge interdisciplinary research from the humanities and sciences, including the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Statistics, Political Science, Marketing, Education, English, History, and Philosophy, especially the Philosophy of Science.  Everyone should have free access to 21st century literacy skills. 

This website represents the future of the textbook21st Century Literacy is an interactive textbook accessible on the web, and it is completely free. Over the past 30 years, college textbooks have gone up 812% , way above the cost of inflation.  Many students can no longer afford to buy all the textbooks they need.  Why can't professors write cutting edge textbooks and give them away for free?  Well, they can.  And there is some research showing that open textbooks can deliver equal, if not slightly superior, results in terms of student learning outcomes (Robinson, Fischer, Wiley, & Hilton, 2014).




Robinson, T. J., Fischer, L., Wiley, D., Hilton III, J.  (2014, Oct.).  The impact of open textbooks on secondary science learning outcomes.  Educational Researcher, 43(7), 341-351.



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