Relatively Reliable News Media

The news media is the easiest and cheapest information to access.  But beware!  It is also the least reliable, especially social media. 

Be very skeptical with all news media and do not trust any information unless you can corroborate it from several sources.  Often you will find that you cannot corroborate information, which is good indication that it is probably biased opinion rather than fact.  Be especially careful with web news media because the exact same story is often echoed over and over again, giving the appearance of multiple stories when it's just the same story repeated.  This "internet echo" is not the same thing as independent corroboration of evidence.

Here are some of the most reliable news media sources, which is not to say that they are not biased.  They are all biased, although some more than others.  But most of these sources strive for some objectivity, and all of these sources rely on multiple sources of data, although some collect and analyze more data than others.


The Economist Magazine (England)


The New York Times (USA)


The Atlantic Magazine (USA)


The Associated Press (Global)


The Nation (USA)


The Wall Street Journal (USA)


PolitiFact (USA)


Bloomberg Businessweek (USA)


The Guardian (England)


The Los Angeles Times (USA)


Politico (USA)


Frontline - Investigative Documentaries (USA)


BBC (England)




Foreign Affairs (USA)


Open (USA)